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About Dr. Gerald Amada

Dr. Gerald Amada was one of the founders and a director of the Mental Health Program, City College of San Francisco and is now retired after a thirty-year career at that college. He also has retired from a forty-year career as a private psychotherapist. He received B.A. and M.S.W. degrees at Rutgers University and his Ph.D. in social and clinical psychology at the Wright Institute, Berkeley, California. He has published twelve books and over 100 articles and book reviews on the subjects of mental health, psychotherapy, and disruptive student issues.

His books on psychotherapy include A Guide to Psychotherapy (The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.), The Mystified Fortune-Teller and Other Tales From Psychotherapy, and The Power of Negative Thinking (Madison Books). His books on college student conduct issues are: Coping with the Disruptive College Student: A Practical Model, Coping with Misconduct in the College Classroom: A Practical Model, and Mental Health and Student Conduct Issues on the College Campus: A Reading (College Administration Publications). Dr. Amada's ninth book, and first novel, is entitled Anker's Plight (Archebooks Publishing, Inc.) the somewhat autobiographical story of a director of a college mental health service who strives to save his program in the face of fierce opposition. His tenth book, Mu Shu: A True Story (Biographical Publishing Company), is the "autobiography" of his Shar-Pei. Dr. Amada’s second novel is Professor Kittleman’s Therapy, a tale that is part psychological thriller and part character study. His latest book, Visits (Branden Books), is a collection of fictional short stories.

Dr. Amada has been a book reviewer for the American Journal of Psychotherapy, University Press of America, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy. He had been, until recently, a longtime member of the editorial board and the book review editor of the last-mentioned journal. He is the recipient of the 1984 Award of Excellence in the category of administrator, Post Secondary Education, conferred by the National Education Special Needs Personnel, Region 5, which comprises eighteen states. Dr. Amada has lectured at over 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada on the subject of the disruptive college student for over thirty years.

Dr. Amada enjoys and feels challenged by the opportunity to share strategies and principles for fostering civility on the college campus. Anyone interested in contacting Dr. Amada regarding the subjects discussed in his books or about the possibility of conducting a campus keynote address or workshop on disruptive student issues may reach him at phone number 415-479-8889, or by email at

For those persons who would prefer to order books through the use of an invoice rather than a credit card, you may do so by contacting Dr. Amada by phone or at his email address.

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