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Mu Shu, a Shar-Pei (the wrinkled dog)


The tender, touching "autobiography" of Mu Shu, a Shar-Pei (the wrinkled dog), who lived her life with affection, devotion and a witty sense of humor.  A great gift for adults, children and grandchildren and anyone else who loves dogs.

Biographical Publishing Company

Description: Mu Shu

Readers of this tender, humorous tale will enjoy Mu Shu's lifelong experiences from puppyhood to motherhood, and finally as a wise old Shar-Pei who philosophizes about the meaning of her life. This touching, anthropomorphic tale, augmented by the splendid illustrations of Amy Charron, will make an excellent gift for dog owners of all breeds. Children will be especially delighted by Mu Shu's antics and observations, but adults of all ages will also find in this book many large, yummy biscuits of pleasure. Mu Shu: A True Story is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for anyone who appreciates a good wagging dog tail... or tale. This true tale spans the entire lifetime of Mu Shu, a Shar Pei dog who tells her own story about growing up in a loving home where received acts of kindness from her human family were always returned with very special forms of tail-wagging joy and doggedly loyal companionship.
Mu Shu, a Shar-PeiMu Shu’s ‘autobiography’ is told with natural simplicity, charm, wit, and large biscuits of dog-wisdom that will assuredly enthrall both adult and child readers. Have you ever wondered how a dog experiences its adoption into a new family, feels about the name it finally receives from its owners, adjusts to the physical surroundings of its new home, relishes the attention it receives on walks, handles a hearty welcome from aged patients in a convalescent hospital, ponders over the honor of having its name placed on a personalized license plate, poses for a dog calendar, deals with dog training classes, attends college (for a day), copes with a nasty spraying by a skunk, and struggles through the birth of its pups? These and other interesting vignettes are told through the observant eyes of Mu Shu, who invites the reader to share her joyful and dignified journey from puppyhood to the very last days of her life.